Primary Source Software Ltd. is a UK-based software development and consultancy business specialising in pre-press applications and printed media. Whatever it takes to get your data from its original sources, convert, combine and enrich it, and present it on the page, we can create software to help you automate the process.

We offer expert knowledge, solid experience, and creative engineering skills in all of the following:

  • C++ and Java programming for core applications, and Perl for its unparalleled data-processing capabilities;
  • relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and the embedded database engine SQLite;
  • all aspects of converting data between different formats;
  • design of new data storage and transmission schemas;
  • XML and its associated technologies, including XSLT and W3C XML Schema (XSD);
  • handling Unicode and its various encodings to protect and enhance textual data, whatever the language;
  • generation of printed pages in PostScript and PDF formats;
  • generation of web pages using XHTML, CSS and a variety of graphic formats for intermediate or final data visualization;
  • management of fonts and colours for top-quality output on both page and screen;
  • techniques, old and new, for fully-automated typesetting, page layout and pagination;
  • internationalization and localization, treating all languages as equals, not just afterthoughts to English.

Although our main focus is the pre-press environment, the powerful technologies and techniques that we use for data processing and enrichment transfer very well to other domains, especially where new applications have to interface with, and draw data from, one or more legacy systems. Please contact us to find out more about how Primary Source Software can help, whatever your business!